When will we feel the impact?

While the global conversation is fixated on the Future of Work, our work with global business and Government leaders suggest this future is now!

Artificial Intelligence and digitalisation are transforming the business landscape…but the future is now.

New technologies are in place today and they’re impacting on jobs today both in Australia and beyond.

We need business and Govt to act now and to show a sense of urgency, to get ahead of the skills downside and to ensure that they are ready for the impact.

Faethm equips both people and organisations to make the most of the opportunities presented by emerging technologies.

Combined with client data, Faethm’s analytics engine integrates expert elicitation with machine learning to predict the impact of emerging technologies on the skills and roles of your organisation, industry or geography. These analytics are delivered via a SaaS product platform to underpin business model, operating model, strategy, policy and transformation programs.

While humble and grounded, we believe that we are the antidote to the fear based conversations that dominate global business and Governmental conversations about the future of work and the effects of automation and augmentation.

The time frame for AI and Automation is now.
Anyone who thinks it'll happen in the future isn't paying attention.

Michael PriddisCEO, Faethm

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