Introducing Faethm AI

Faethm is a unique SaaS analytics platform and forward-looking scenario tool that uses AI to model the impact of emerging technologies on any economy, industry, organisation, workforce or job.

Core Purpose

We enable organisations to understand the implications of Automation, Augmentation and Addition at a technology and job level so you can proactively evolve your workforce and take action today.



Which emerging technologies will create the most workforce opportunity?



What roles in your workforce will be most impacted by emerging technologies?



How can you create re-skilling pathways to the workforce of the future?

Insight Scope

Most leaders appreciate the urgency of the evolution of the workforce, but have few data and insights contextual to their workforce to act on. Faethm equips leaders with actionable insights across three key lenses.

  • Automation

    The capacity of technologies to entirely replace a job or large components of a job, causing the need to redefine jobs and/or redeploy people.

    Job Reduction
  • Augmentation

    The capability of technologies to supplement efficiency of a job and in doing so, enabling a worker to gain capacity to carry out more rewarding tasks.

    Capacity Gain
  • Addition

    The addition of more existing jobs or entirely new jobs within your workforce to deliver on implementing emerging technologies.

    Job Creation

A Global First

We do the heavy lifting to build future assessments and surface clear, actionable workforce insights. Leverage our modelling to inform the evolution of your technology and workforce.


Moving beyond conceptual commentary and research, our insights are powered by models run on data specific to a client’s organisation, their jobs, divisions, industries, geographies and economies.

ForesightAI foresight

Faethm’s data science methodology employs machine and deep learning to make scaled future assessments. This data science outperforms and augments the effort and cost of statistical forecasts based on historical data.

ScalingLive and scaling

Cloud accessible and continuously updating data, models and insights, Faethm (unlike static research) provides a current and enduring view of workforce impacts and opportunities for organisations.

SecureSecure by design

Built in line with GDPR and CCPA, all data is protected by multiple security layers including ISO27001 and SOC2 compliant global hosting providers, five level password complexity, data encryption at rest and in transit, rate limiting, and automated blocking.

AccuracyPeer reviewed

The future is never certain however assessing performance of data science is possible. Faethm’s models are validated on an on-going basis, with precision and recall scoring at 95% through testing predictions against real-word events.

SearchAtomised insights

Faethm's AI engine is continuously enhanced to improve insight specificity. The Workforce Ontology consists of 1,500 jobs (with 6,000 levels) mapped to 25,000+ tasks. This enables both a birds-eye and atomised view of the workforce.

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