MIT Tech Review & Faethm report on COVID-19 and US workforce impacts

Faethm, TeamPublished on 15 June 2020
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Faethm and MIT Technology Review report on critical workers, productivity, and the future of AI. Read on to explore how COVID-19 is a "slingshot to 2023" and an opportunity to define the Evolution of Work beyond the pandemic.

MIT Technology Review covered Faethm’s insights on the pandemic and recession risks to workers in a recent repor. Data cited is US-centric but shows what Faethm can apply in any country to help Governments, Employers and Faethm Partners to respond.

Excerpt from MIT Technology Review:

"In less than two months, covid-19 created arguably the world’s largest collective shift in social activity and working practices. Research firm Global Workplace Analytics estimated in a 2018 report that 4.3 million people in the US worked remotely, representing just 3.2% of the country’s workforce. In a March 2020 poll of 375 executives by MIT Technology Review Insights, over two-thirds reported that more than 80% of their workforce is now working remotely.

As business leaders have sought to safeguard not only the health of staff, but the health and productivity of their companies, the pandemic has thrown up many questions—some that require immediate answers, others that need a longer-term plan. This report explores a new data set, developed by future-of-work software company Faethm, to examine the degree to which “business critical” jobs across industries are “remoteable,” and to what extent those jobs could be supported with artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies in the future."

Read the summary of key insights and download the full report here.

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