Harnessing Emerging Technology to Enable the COVID-19 Taskforce Response

Faethm, TeamPublished on 20 October 2020


The economic backdrop for the coming years is one of muted growth, with heavy government intervention. Companies will continue to face challenges in productivity, well past the COVID years. The return to productivity will not only become a tactical response to a pandemic situation, but will transform into long-term structural improvements to business operations and the workforce as a means of delivering value.

Senior HR leaders and people managers need to respond to the challenges of a new workforce by:

  • Mapping their teams and organisations’ jobs into tasks, and
    measuring productivity differently for different tasks.
  • Quantifying the impact of remotability on different jobs, and the
    possibility of augmenting non-remotable tasks with new technologies.
  • Restructuring and planning for those tasks that are not remotable
    and require on-site presence.

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