Faethm joins the

Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution 

at the World Economic Forum

Faethm is delighted to announce our invitation to become a Member of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the World Economic Forum.

We are the first company in Australia, the second in Asia and the 16th globally to join this influential and agenda-setting organisation.

This is huge news for us, and we’re excited to share what this means for our clients globally.

The Centre is focused on closing the gap between emerging technology and policy and we are excited that Faethm has joined our community to tackle this goal.

Faethm’s work will help us to see the impact of the technology on jobs and co-create policy to address these changes for the benefit of humanity.

Kay Firth-ButterfieldHead of AI, World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution< San Francisco

Benefits to our clients, partners and the Faethm community.

Faethm’s membership of the Centre of the Fourth Industrial Revolution means that we get to influence the way that companies and Governments around the world consider AI, Robotics and emerging technologies in all categories.

Our participation means that we can bring Faethm clients, all the insights, learnings, content and knowledge that we have accumulated from the World Economic Forum.

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women with abstract global connectivity for Centre of the Greg Miller from Faethm discussing Fourth Industrial Revolution graphic

The Centre describes Members as the “world’s most impactful start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises, engaged in efforts to advance global collaboration on the Fourth Industrial Revolution to benefit society.”

The 24 Partners of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Faethm will also be working alongside the Centre’s 24 Partners, who include ABB, Huawei, IDEO, Microsoft, Palantir Technologies and Salesforce.

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The predictive analytics platform driving economic and social value from emerging technologies

About the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the World Economic Forum

Based in San Francisco, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings together governments, leading companies, civil society and experts from around the world to co-design and pilot innovative approaches to the policy and governance of new technologies.

The Centre will develop, implement and scale agile and human-centered
pilot projects that can be adopted by policy-makers, legislators and corporate leaders worldwide to address challenges related to emerging technologies.
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