A platform to evolve your workforce

Faethm is a globally unique AI platform that predicts the workforce impact of dynamic forces such as AI, Covid-19 and Robotics on current and future jobs.
Join us as we reshape the human experience of work.

Our organisations, industries and economies are moving through an at scale shift to new types of work.

Faethm’s AI engine is trained using billions of workforce data points. Its predictive modelling capability enables forward-looking analytics that indicate which jobs need re-skilling versus up-skilling, and the exact skill pathways to move people to a brighter work future.

A few of our 100+ customers we serve across 6 continents
Rio Tinto
UK Government

Model future work scenarios to understand and plan change

Faethm is used by strategy and transformation teams to assess technological opportunities and impact on workforces and plan change.

Contextual insight powered by artificial intelligence

Faethm combines a world-first in data science modelling with custom data specific to your workforce, sector and geography.

Automation90 FTEs automatable5% workforce at risk
Augmentation20% FTEs augmentable10% capacity to gain
Addition4% FTE addition70 tech jobs added

A civic minded platform used by global leaders

Enterprise, government and education transformation leaders are leveraging Faethm to move their people, technologies and organisations forward.

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