Faethm is the world’s data source for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Work.

Faethm is a fast-growth and globally unique AI Analytics SaaS Platform.  Launched in Sydney in late 2017, Faethm is already helping companies and governments in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific to create economic and social value from the impact of emerging technologies.

Faethm’s AI Analytics SaaS Platform blends proprietary analytics with client data to predict the impact of emerging technology on any job, workforce, company, industry, location or economy.  As a result, this enables companies and governments to:

  • validate and prioritise digital transformation agendas,
  • re-skill employees for the future,
  • develop better strategies and policies, and,
  • make smarter investment decisions.

Some of the customers we serve:

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Which emerging technology will have the most impact on your organisation?

  • When?
  • What will this be worth?
  • And finally, how does this impact the products, markets, channels and customers you operate?

The Faethm AI Analytics SaaS Platform enables users to Scenario Model the effects of disruptive technologies on their contexts, to inform strategy and policy and to guide investment in new technologies and new industries.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is not the end of work, it is the rapid and at-scale transition to new types of work.

Unlike static research reports and media about the Future of Work, Faethm shows all three Jobs outcomes – AUTOMATE, AUGMENT & ADDITION – and presents a Job Corridor of very detailed learning pathways to allow people to develop new skills for tomorrow’s work, and move to jobs of the future.

Our customers use Faethm to understand the supply and demand of jobs and skills in the future, and to structure, size and equip their workforces for the work and opportunities that new technologies create.

some jobs
others and
new roles.

Faethm’s analytics engine integrates expert elicitation from R&D with machine learning and proprietary analytics, and blends this with your data in a highly secure environment.

Data from 200 countries spanning industries, trade, exports, GDP, technology readiness, employment and many other topics are added to deliver context about both your market and those you focus on.

The outputs are delivered as visualisations, filters and insights in the SaaS layer, which describes technology’s impact to your organisation and context.

Unlike research reports, Faethm’s analytics and SaaS features are constantly updated as new technologies emerge and mature. This means your Faethm experience is always up to date – you won’t need another research report 6 months after the last one.

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We are delighted to be the 16th company, globally, to be invited to be a Member of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in San Francisco.  We deliver Faethm direct to clients, and in partnership with some of the world’s foremost companies. They include:


Kay Firth-ButterfieldHead of AI, World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, San Francisco

“We are excited that Faethm has joined the Centre to help us close the gap between emerging technology and policy. Faethm will enable us to see the impact of technology on jobs and co-create policy for the benefit of humanity.”

Krista JonesManaging Director, Work & Learning, MaRS, Discovery District, Toronto

“MaRS Discovery District is excited to partner with Faethm to facilitate innovation adoption with our key public and private stakeholders. Faethm builds a bridge between work structures of today and future technologies that address both economic and social outcomes.”

Dr Markus BowlesChair, Institute of Working Futures Australia

“The Faethm Platform works. It fills the space of great uncertainty and sets a future direction for the organisation. It’s a winning solution that enables our clients to plan with a higher level of precision and measure against reliable data.”

Andrew GareyGeneral Manager, BlueScope Steel Australia

“Faethm tangibly estimates the impact of technology on our business. That we can understand the magnitude of strategic change is compelling.”

Hon. Ed HusicShadow Minister for the Digital Economy and Future of Work, Australia

“Reports warn that automation will massively impact on job markets yet until now, Australia has lacked concrete, tailored data to understand our local context. Industry and Government require quality insights to shape an effective response to the issue of automation.”

Paul ShetlerStone & Chalk first Expert in Residence

“Faethm help us with workforce planning and retraining, enabling us to identify what parts of business can be automated and in what time frame.”











And too often these are words that cause fear, not hope, as people wonder where rapid technology change is taking us.

Introducing Faethm

Faethm shows you the huge opportunities for companies and governments that get ahead of the curve. We’ve made it possible to visualise and measure how to transition people, companies and industries, with the right skill development, infrastructure, investment and services.

Faethm shows leaders how they can equip their businesses and communities for the future.

Faethm [Fath–uh m], (the original Celtic spelling of Fathom), Noun and verb, to learn, a measure of depth, “the span of outstretched arms”, and a welcoming gesture for the future.

Stay informed.

Leadership Team

We’re led by a team of product, technology and strategy executives with hands-on startup and blue-chip experience.
Michael Priddis preview profile picture


Michael Priddis


Before founding Faethm Michael was a Partner and Managing Director, Asia of The Boston Consulting Group’s technology innovation practice, Digital Ventures. Prior to this Mike founded and led S&C, an award-winning design firm that was acquired by BCG.

Greg Miller preview profile picture


Greg Miller

Executive Director

Prior to Faethm Greg held global technology leadership roles, including GM Global Partner Operations at SAP and senior roles at PeopleSoft, Unisys and Oracle. Greg also founded the not-for-profit Navegar Institute, to research and advocate on tech issues.

Executive Director
Carolyn Colley preview profile picture


Carolyn Colley

Chief Operating Officer

Before founding Faethm Carolyn was CEO of Decimal, an ASX listed FinTech. Prior to Decimal, Carolyn held executive roles in some of Australia’s most prestigious finance institutions, including Macquarie Bank, St George Bank and BT Financial Group.

Chief Operating Officer
Richard George preview profile picture


Dr. Richard George

Chief Data Scientist

Richard started his first career as a research scientist (PhD bioinformatics) in academia and early stage biotech and, following an MBA and a stint in life-science venture capital investing, started his second career in strategy consulting. Prior to joining Faethm, Richard managed Advanced Analytics at Woolworths and led a team of developers and data scientists at Quantium. As the Chief Data Scientist at Faethm, Richard is now combining his skills and knowledge to build new products that will greatly benefit society.

Dr. Richard
Chief Data Scientist
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Faethm was invited to be the first startup to join the amazing incubator space at the ACS Barangaroo location on Sydney's Harbour.


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